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Research of Spanish Fly Products

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In our contemporary society, Spanish Fly products [1] have become part and parcel of our daily routines. Many herbs have been classified as aphrodisiacs [2]. However, these Spanish Fly products usually vary in their effectiveness.

Depending on the ingredients and how they are manufactured. Our organization researched various Spanish Fly products including the Spanish Fly Pro, Maca extract, V-Tight Gel, Tribulus Terrestris [3] or Labidorol Women.

When is a time to use Spanish Fly product

The tendency of a person, especially a woman, losing the urge for sex is usually high especially after going through major events in life like giving path or after breastfeeding.

Furthermore, women typically lose libido [4] sometimes, and it may keep recurring. This loss of libido can cause a lot of problems in your relationship, and therefore there is a need for using an effective Spanish Fly product to keep your sexual life in order.

Insight into Spanish Fly Pro and its benefits

What is Spanish Fly Pro?

Spanish Fly Pro bottle in the box

Spanish Spy Pro is one of the popular sexual enhancers that work effectively in women. When using this drug, you should take only 5 to 7 drops, and it will last for a few hours. This female libido is usually available in a yellow liquid formula and is made of grape pastes that work well with men and woman of all ages.

This supplement works typically by enhancing the orgasm [5], improving sexual pleasure [6] and generally heightening the sexual health [7].

The liquid formula works effectively compared to the previous version and produces results within 5 minutes. Apart from enhancing your sexual ability [8], Spanish Fly Pro also helps to improve the immunity in women and also increases the blood flow. Many women who have used this supplement before have found that it increases the lubrication when having sex [9]. When using it, you will begin to feel the effects after about five minutes thus work faster compared to other aphrodisiacs.

Safeherbal product, without any sides effects

Bottle of Spanish Fly Pro

Spanish Fly Pro is safeherbal product, without any sides effects [10]. Using Spanish Fly Pro is very simple and it is definitely one of the best product available on the market. Ingredient in Spanish Fly Pro works by enhancing the blood flow [11] in the body that in turn makes a person get aroused [12].

One of the ingredients – Fructose is a fruit sugar that is absorbed rapidly in the human body [13]. It has been added to this supplement to add the sweet taste but does not have any aphrodisiac effect. It is usually found in processed products as a sweetener and is cheap to be acquired. However, this ingredient should not be used regularly as it contributes to metabolic disorders [14].

Melatonin ingredient is produced from the pineal gland and is usually used to initiate awakened state or sleep. This component is usually used to treat issues like jet lag or insomnia. It also helps people having menopause and prostate symptoms [15].

How to use aphrodisiac as Spanish Fly Pro

Add five to seven drops of this supplement to a beverage of your choice. In about five minutes you should start feeling the effect, and within some few minutes, you will engage in passionate sex. For maximum effectiveness, mix this supplement with an alcoholic beverage. Ensure that this supplement is shaken well before use to ensure that all the ingredients mix well.

Boxes and bottles of Spanish Fly Pro

Enhances blood circulation in the female labia and other positive effects

  • Improves the level of lubrication in the vagina enhancing better sex
  • It enhances clitoral incitement
  • It improves sexual performance
  • It supports the resistance in ladies
  • It is more secure than the previous Spanish Fly
  • It has no age obstruction as ladies of all age can utilize the supplement and appreciate
  • The item can rectify hormonal unevenness
  • It restores a lady, and it goes about as a vitality supporter
  • This supplement can be delivered to you at any area in the whole world, and the producer offers rebates to those clients who purchase in a mass
  • The supplement does manage physical factors as well as they give mental factors concerning sexual fulfillment [16]

Spanish Fly Pro has been tried in the labs

The Spanish Fly Pro item has been tried in the labs, and the examination shows that it doesn’t have any negative side impacts on the human body.

You are just expected to use the item as indicated by the orders given in the marking to guarantee that it functions admirably for you. If you take an overdose of this supplement, you find no side impact was shown as well.

A considerable measure of medicinal professionals out there has expressed that a great many people mix up Spanish Fly Pro for only an insignificant Fly.

Our doctors and experts have discovered that there are no negative impacts as it helps to boost vitality levels and improving the sexual execution. They likewise keep on adding that the supplement is all common and its use discounts any side effects potential outcomes.

Final Verdict

At long last, it is vital to specify that if you are searching for a sexual enhancer that will encourage you and your partner in taking your sexual activity without any side effects, from our experience, Spanish Fly Pro product is the thing that you may need. In our research we found it to be more effective compared to other aphrodisiacs and this supplement will also improve your hormonal balance [17].

What You Need to Know Before Using V-Tight Gel

Three bottles of V-Tight GelAs a reputable research organization, we specialize in sexual issues and products that are used to enhance sexual performance. This is one area that we are passionate about. We have done numerous studies on sexual issues that affect both men and women [18].

Most women like asking whenever they come for consultation many questions about their libido, vagina and other stuff [19]. Some lament how their partners are complaining about their loose vaginas. Others want to do it just for their own personal reasons. Maybe they have just given birth. Of course, a tight vagina is always associated with sexiness. Sex will be more pleasurable when your vagina is tight. There are many different ways of making your vagina tight and one of them is using tightening creams.

V-Tight Gel is a popular vaginal tightening cream. Is it effective? What does it contain? What are some of its side effects? Read on to get a better understanding of the product.

V-Tight Gel is a vaginal tightening cream

Three gels of V-TightThe manufacturer claims that the cream is capable of making the walls of your vagina tighter within some minutes. The manufacturer also states that the product will work if you combine it with Kegel exercises.

In addition to that, the product promises to keep your vagina wet during sexual intercourse. It also promises to improve your sexual drive. You will start yearning for more sex.

From the look of things, it seems that the cream promises to introduce you to a new world of sexual pleasure.

Ingredients of V-Tight Gel

One of the things that determine the effectiveness of any product is the ingredients used. The V-Tight Gel contains natural ingredients which the manufacturer claims will not cause any harm. The main V-Tight Gel Topingredient of the product is the Manjakani extract. This product has a rich history, especially in Asia. Women in that region have been using it as a remedy for vaginal infections, vaginal dryness, and cervical diseases [20]. The extract was also used to tighten the vagina.

Other ingredients in the cream include arginine, citric acid, and hazel leaf extract. The company does not specify the roles that are played by some of these ingredients.

How V-Tight Gel Works

The cream works by reshaping and tightening the walls of the vagina. However, to experience the results of the product, you need to do regular exercises that are designed to make the walls of your vagina tighter [21]. You will be able to feel the results just after a few minutes of applying the cream. To be precise, you will feel the firmness in your vagina 10 minutes after using the product. For this reason, you should apply it just before having sex.

Who is the Product For?

V-Tight Gel is for women who feel that they have a wide vagina. This group includes women who have just given birth, those affected by age and other health issues that can affect the tightness of the vagina [22].

Application of the Gel

Front V-Tight GelIt is quite easy to apply V-Tight Gel. First, you need to clean your hands thoroughly then apply some amount of cream on your fingertip. Insert the finger into the vagina and start massaging the walls gently.

Do this for at least a minute until the gel is evenly spread on the vaginal walls. It is advisable to apply the gel twice a day, morning and evening.

Benefits of V-Tight Gel

  • Makes the vagina tight
  • Improves the lubrication of the vagina
  • Boosts the libido
  • Improves the overall sexual life
  • Contains natural ingredients

Cons of V-Tight Gel

  • Can Cause Irritation: Despite claiming to be 100% natural, I still think that the gel could be containing some chemicals. This is because quite a good number of women have come to me complaining about feeling irritation both inside and outside their vaginas [23]. Some complain that the pain is too much that it makes it difficult for them to walk.
  • Can Trigger Allergic Reaction: Some users have complained about reacting severely to the gel. Some of these allergic reactions include redness and feeling itchy.
  • Causes Yeast Infection: Some substantial reports link the cream to yeast infection. This is definitely possible because once in the vagina, the gel can disrupt the pH balance.
  • Not 100% Effective: The gel seems to underperform when compared to other vaginal tightening creams

Should I Use V-Tight Gel?

As much as the V-Tight Gel can tighten your vagina, it is not the best solution around. For instance, you will still have to do Kegel exercises while at the same time use the cream. With the numerous side effects of the cream, it would be better and safer if you use natural methods to tighten your vagina [24].

Why HerSolution May Not Be The Right Solution

Hersolution Box with pills Being experts in various sexual problems encountered by women of different ages, we believe that we are competent and qualified to review the product HerSolution which often is talked about as something which could increase libido in ladies and women [25]. We are an organization consisting of some of the best experts, doctors, and researchers who have years of experience in reviewing and understanding different types of sexual enhancers which are sought after by thousands of women across the world and cutting across different age groups.

We have looked at many such products from close angles and have studied thoroughly the composition of various sexual enhancer products for women. We are quite capable of understanding the way in which these products work and also the kind of side effects and positive effects they might have.

Therefore we are quite sure that our study of the female sex libido enhancing product HerSolution would be an eye-opener for all those who believe that it is a wonderful product with some incredible claims of magical results. We are happy to review the product from various angles for the benefit of our readers and also for other women who are on the lookout for ways and means to bring interest and performance back into their sexual lives.

Some Basic Information About The Product

Hersolution BoxWe find that HerSolution is sold as a sexual spanish fly product. The main objective as mentioned above is to help women to improve libido. Though the manufacturers claim that it works on women of all ages, but we are a bit surprised to find that the product is recommended mostly for women around the age of 50 who may be reaching or would be going through the stage of menopause. We, as experienced doctors and sexologists understand that women in the menopause stage have mood swings [26] and other physical changes. This often leads to a decrease in desire for sexual activities.

The product in question, we find comprises of different blends of aphrodisiacs and also some substances which might increase the production of estrogen in the body. A close and neutral look at the various ingredients leads us to believe that almost all of them might offer some general relief as mood enhancers and perhaps help in improving vitality and vigor.

We have no reasons to believe that HerSolution could offer magical results for treating libido for women across all ages.

The composition of so-called libido enhancer for elderly women

Hersolution Box with pillsThis so-called libido enhancer for elderly women is made from a collection of different types of herbs. The manufacturers believe that each of the ingredients could have a positive impact on improving sexual arousal and lubrication. The Product contains Gingko Biloba, Hops, Niacin, Cayenne Pepper, Epimedium Sigitattum and Mucuna Pruriens [27].

Amongst all the above ingredients we have found that only Hops could help in mildly improving estrogen secretion which is so very essential for improving sexual urge which in turn could lead to libido and increase desire to have sex. After careful research, we have found out that all other compositions do not have any capacity to significantly increase sexual prowess or interest in sex. We also firmly believe that they will not in any way improve blood flow to the genital areas of the women which are so very important.

Who can use it and how often

Based on our research we feel that the product can be used by women above 45 because that is the age when the desire for sex comes down quite significantly. The recommended dosage is one pill each day but we are a bit disappointed that no maximum time limit has been prescribed for the product HerSolution.

What are the benefits

Hersolution BoxNiacin could improve levels of energy [28]. Hops extract might prevent vagina dryness and enhance lubrication making penetration easier and satisfying. Gingko Biloba might have some minimal impact of improving blood flow to the sexual organs of women. Epimedium Sagittatum is a known sexual stimulant but our research has shown minimal results. Melatonin could improve youthfulness in frigid and elderly women.

Why it may not be safe to use this product

Since the product has to be taken for long periods of time, perhaps even for years, we are concerned about the negative impact it might have. Here are a few side effects which we believe makes this product unsuitable for use.

Low blood pressure is one of the most common side effects which we have found in this product. Further regular consumption of a combination of herbal stimulants could lead to mood swings, reduced appetite, irritability, and could also lead to a sudden spike in blood sugar [29] or could also lead to a fall in some cases. Hence, as doctors and medical experts, we feel that the product could have a bad effect on some vital signs such as pressure, sugar, pulse beats and even breathing.


Hersolution BoxIn fine, as a team of expert doctors with years of experience in dealing with various types of sexual disabilities and other such problems in women, we are of the opinion that the product HerSolution has more side effects when compared to the positives.

Hence, it may not be the answer to fight frigidity and lack of libido in women.

Professional review of Herbal Quiver

Herbal Quiver BottleThe Herbal supplement Quiver is a sex enhancing supplement that is meant to augment orgasm and improve sex drive for women. The product consists of five active ingredients that are the Kola Nut, Wheat Grass, Gotu Kola, Royal Jelly, and Guarana [30]. The product when used rationally helps women attain optimum sex pleasure.

The high caffeine content in Guarana and Kola helps one to be alert and active during the entire sexual intercourse [31]. However, there is a need for more scientific studies and clinical trials to confirm this supposition. The five active ingredients have a synergic effect making the product achieve high efficacy.

Rational use of Herbal Quiver

The female sex enhancer should be taken on a daily basis by sexually active women but be avoided by pregnant women, hypertensive persons, and those women that have allergies of any of the active ingredients. Just as with any supplement it is safe for those who are planning to use the supplements to seek for advice from their family doctor or any licensed medical practitioner before using the product more so alongside with other medications that they are currently taking.

The daily recommended dosage is three tablets and should be maintained at that. Overdosage can lead to difficulty in breathing, hyper reactions and can result in cardiac arrest; hence, caution must be taken to use the supplements as advised.

Neutral and side effects of the supplement

Bottle of Herbal QuiverWhereas the supplements can help in attaining an enhanced sex drive, it has several side effects that include insomnia or lack of sleep [32], anxiety, vomiting, breathing problems, stomach cramps, and tremors. Most of the side and adverse reaction of the supplements are due to high caffeine content in Kola Nuts and trigger of allergic responses by the Royal Jelly. Guarana also due to its high caffeine content can also result in delirium that is over-excitement, restlessness and ecstasy. Other side effects include nausea, triggering of asthmatic attack, suffocation, fatigue, and swelling of the throat [33].


Due to the composition of this sex stimulant products, it should be used with care or avoided by consumers. The safety margin of the product is low and can result in detrimental effects on frequent users. The claim on absolute safety should be avoided since the ingredients though they have potential negative effects on the user’s health. It is factual that the supplements contain a high level of caffeine, which is unsafe for most of the people. Consumers should, therefore, avoid buying and using the products as it has the potential to cause adverse reactions that are life-threatening.

The idea behind the production of Herbal Quiver is an exceptional move; however, there is a need for more research to have the product efficacy and safety margin established. Also, there is a need to look into the benefits of combining active ingredients with similar properties and chemical composition. In my expert opinion, there is no need to combine both Kola Nut and Guarana [34] due to a high level of caffeine which is an intoxicating stimulant. This can result in addiction and complicate the health of frequent consumers of the products.

High-T Women

High-T Women BoxSex is an important aspect of our lives, and when it comes to adults, better sex means having a better life holistically [35]. Research shows that individuals who are sexually active always look younger and happier, and this is all because of the hormones released while engaging in sex. Therefore it is imperative and recommended for everyone who is of age to have a good sex life for a healthier living.

Be it a man or a woman, this is something that every person should freely be able to engage in as long as the body allows them to. But sometimes, individuals with low sexual libido or dysfunctions may not be able to relish good sex [36].

This may end up creating low self-esteem, strains, and problems especially if one is in a relationship.

High-T Women Box and Bottle Being a large research organization with a team of doctors, experts in different fields and researchers, we specialize in looking for ways which can enhance your sexual life. We have vast experience in this field which has allowed us to tackle different issues that involve sex. There are many products on the market today used to treat sexual dysfunctions. Some are proven to work and others might end up giving you more problems than solutions. Women sexual needs have long been ignored but on this day we can see different products are been introduced to help them. It is important to note that sexual problems do not discriminate, they can happen to anyone be it a man or a woman [37].

As professionals, a lot of research has been done on the High-T enhancer for women. From its composition, benefits and negative side effects so as to ascertain how good or bad it is.

High-T Enhancer and the ingredients that make up this product

  • Ginseng
  • Glutenin
  • Cellulose
  • Titanium oxide
  • Arginine
  • Panax ginseng
  • Testofen
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Damiana leaf
  • Passionflower
  • Vitamin B6 and B 12

A product which is made from different herbs

High-T Women Box

The High-T women product is made from different herbs. Ginseng is known to reduce anxiousness and low moods while the passion flower, which contains vitamins and minerals help in improving respiratory health. Rhodiola Roses helps to lessen mental and physical fatigue as a whole. Damiana leaf is known as an aphrodisiac which facilitates sexual health and enhances the central nervous system.

This product can only be used by women who want to improve their sexual life mostly. If you are pregnant and nursing, have a serious medical condition or you are on prescription drugs, do not take this product. There are many neutral and negative effects that come with taking this sexual enhancer. They are:

Neutral effects

  • Improve sex drive and libido
  • Increase strength and stamina
  • Gives better energy and vitality
  • Improves overall health
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Reduces fatigue

Negative Effects

  • It can cause stomach upsets for some users
  • There is also the possibility of feeling nausea after taking the pill
  • It can cause milk ducts to block even when not pregnant or lactating
  • To some, the color of the urine may change
  • There are many natural ways you can enhance your sex drive or increase your sexual libido. As professionals, we do not commend women taking this enhancer and it is important to sensitize that this product might work and may end up making you get nausea or stomach upsets.

High-T Women Box and BottleConclusion

High-T Women claims to be helpful in increasing libido, reducing mood swings or increase your energy levels. As the marketer state, hormones play a huge role when it comes to sexual desire but the product does not contain any hormone balancing ingredients [38].

Also, the side effects are not clearly stated and it is unclear why they market the product is marketed as a women testosterone booster.

ImpresseX Women Sexual Enhancer

Overview Information of ImpresseX

ImpresseX Women Sexual EnhancerImpresseX is a female spanish fly formulation that is designed to increase sexual arousal, boost libido and magnify sensations during sexual intercourse.

It is formulated to stimulate and enhance sexual desire in women making them have multiple orgasms during sex.

The Impressex sexual enhancer can be used by women who want to improve their sex drive and performance. Users can take one capsule some hours before the sexual intercourse.

The supplement is manufactured using 100% natural ingredients as discussed below

  • Cuscuta seed: This is a famous tonic for the kidneys which helps to maximize blood flow to the genital parts [39].
  • Vegetable cellulose: Allows women to have proper digestion and helps to increase sexual arousal in women.
  • Muira Puama: Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and increases sexual desire in both men and women.


The manufacturer of this enhancer claims that it will offer the following benefits:

  • It can stimulate and enhance sexual arousal in women
  • It is made from natural ingredients and hence safe for use
  • It boosts libido levels in women

Results and the complaints from consumers

From the several complaints we have received from consumers of this supplement, the supplement does not work and hence not suitable for use. Many consumers who had purchased it because of the several hyped adverts that circulated over the internet were forced to return it and claim a refund of their money.

Neutral and Negative Effects

  • Most of the ingredients used to make the supplement are aphrodisiac, and thus a person who
    has high blood pressure is not advised to use it [40]
  • It can cause skin redness especially to people who have sensitive skin
  • It does not work, and thus consumers should not buy it
  • Why should customers not purchase or use this product?
  • As we have already stated, consumers should not purchase this ImpreseX supplement because it does provide all the benefits that it promises its consumers through its countless social media adverts.
  • It may also produce adverse effects to people who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure [40].

The conclusion also based on the various real-life experiences of consumers

Based on the various real-life experiences of consumers who have used this supplement, we can conclude by saying that ImpresseX sexual enhancer does not work and thus cannot be trusted to improve the sex drive of women who want to rekindle their sexual life. Customers should, therefore, look for another effective sexual spanish fly supplement available on the market [41].

A Review of Labidorol Women Enhancer

Bottle of Labidorol Labidorol is female enhancers that claim to help women improve their sexual appetite.

It has aphrodisiac properties that make women yearn for more sex. It claims to libido within minutes after consumption.

The supplement is designed to be used by women to help them boost their sexual drive. Women should take one capsule before having sexual intercourse.

The supplement is manufactured using the active aphrodisiac ingredients listed below

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Tienchi Ginseng Extract
  • Lycium berry
  • Horny Goat Weed [42]
  • Cistanche
  • Yohimbe
  • Rhodiola Rosea extract

Benefits of using a Labidorol supplement

The company that manufactures this supplement claims that it will offer the benefits outlined below:

  • It Increases sexual appetite and arousal
  • It is safe since it is made using natural ingredients
  • It improves the sexual drive in women
  • Results and its Effects

From the various studies that we have carried out, we can confirm that the supplement is ineffective since it does not provide any noticeable results to women. Therefore, women should stop purchasing this supplement because it will not provide any results upon consuming it.

Neutral and negative results

  • The supplement does not provide results as it promises on its adverts
  • No scientific data supports its effectiveness
  • It is expensive compared to other supplements that are of the same quality
  • It is only sold online

Why Should Customers not use or purchase this supplement?

From the many women whom we have interviewed after using this supplement, this supplement does not help women to be sexually aroused or improve their sexual drive. Women who want to boost their libido and sexual urge should avoid this supplement at all costs [43]. It has become ineffective, and thus it cannot give you the value for your money.

Final Verdict

Bottles of LabidorolFrom our analysis, Labidorol is the worst female supplement that cannot help women to achieve pleasurable sex. Many women who have used a supplement before did not experience any change in their sexual drive after or arousal levels using it for a very long time.

No scientific evidence can be used to support all the claims that are made about the product. There are no positive reviews on the website of the manufacturer to show that the supplement delivers results. If you want to improve your sex drive and sexual arousal, then you should consider buying other effective enhancers apart from Labidorol enhancers.

Review of Lyriana: A Female Libido Enhancer

Three Bottles of LyrianaLyriana is a supplement that promises to enhance the desire for sex and sex drive among women. According to our experience and research results, it focuses on increasing the libido and production of the hormone responsible for sex drive in women along with allowing the body to increase lubrication of vagina in a natural manner [44]. The blend of aphrodisiacs and phytonutrients found in it works mainly on three causes of low sex drive in women. Along with increasing the levels of dopamine and estrogen it also increases the sensitivity and the flow of blood in women’s body.

Ingredients in Lyriana

Lyriana includes a number of natural ingredients to increase the desire for sex and flow of blood in women’s body. It is composed of:

  • L-Arginine: This amino acid used in this product will help in improving the levels of nitric oxide in your system along with increasing the flow of blood in the entire body to improve your athletic performance and energy level along with increasing your sexual arousal.
  • Epimedium: This herb, also known as horny goat weed, can help in improving the desire for sex among men and women as well as the flow of blood in their body. But it may also show certain side-effects like vomiting, upset stomach, dry mouth, diarrhea, and nausea etc.
  • Damiana: It is an aphrodisiac herb, usually found in Central America and Mexico, which is used in this product to increase energy levels and stimulate the desire for sex.
  • Maca: It is derived from the roots of Peru plants and is used in this product to improve athletic performance, stamina, and energy level like superpower foods. Along with improving sexual performance of men and women both it also reduces the symptoms of menopause.
  • Extract of Yohimbe: Yohimbe is an African herb. Its extract, Yohimbine extract, can be used to increase arousal in the genital region of women along with increasing flow of blood in their entire body. But certain negative effects like diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, rapid heartbeat, seizures, upset stomach, heart attack, kidney failure, sinus pain, drooling, insomnia and anxiety etc. are also attached with it [45].

Working of Lyriana

Lyriana has been developed by the experts in the field of reproductive health care to stimulate sexual arousal among women. According to our research, it increases the production of dopamine in the human body by providing it L-dopa [46]. Men and women with low sex drive normally have a low level of dopamine. We have also found that this product includes ingredients that can increase sexual appetite and the blood circulation in the entire body of women including their vital parts which in turn increases the level of sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

Who can use Lyriana and how often?

Bottle of LyrianaLyriana can be used by women with low sexual desire and reduced sexual performance. This natural supplement can help not only in boosting their desire for sex but also their sexual stamina, energy, and performance.

They can take 1-3 capsules daily to get the best results. They should start with one capsule and can increase its dose up to 3 capsules a day depending upon the effect of this supplement on your sexual desire.

You should increase the intake of water and take it after meals to avoid gastric problems.

Pros and cons of Lyriana


  • Improves blood circulation in the entire body
  • Improves mood by increasing production of dopamine
  • Improves sexual libido of the user in a natural manner


  • Causes side effects like high blood pressure and breathing problem [47]
  • Causes an upset stomach if taken without eating anything
  • Causes nausea in some cases
  • Effects adversely on certain medical conditions


We cannot recommend Lyriana for the women who have lost their libido due to any medical condition or menopause, after examining it thoroughly. Most of the ingredients in this product cause negative effects on the health of the users. Yohimbine extract used in this female spanish fly supplement is banned in various countries due to its dangerous side effects.

Review of Zestra: A Topical Enhancer Supplement for Women

Zestra Box with the opened applierMost women find it very difficult to reach at peak arousal due to various reasons including stress, medical reasons, and menopause.

Zestra has been introduced as a supplement to help such women in reducing their sexual problems and increasing their libido.

I have written this information of Zestra on the basis of my research and knowledge in this regard.

What is Zestra?

Zestra is a topical female supplement that can be used to enhance their sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction within few minutes of its application. This supplement is a blend of various extracts of plants and herbal oils which can be applied directly on the labia and clitoris to enhance sexual desire [48]. It starts working within 3-5 minutes and continues to remain effective up to 40-45 minutes. It is considered safe as it is free from paraben hormones and preservatives. Being backed by several health care providers it has been described as a scientific supplement.

Ingredients in Zestra

Zestra BoxZestra includes a number of natural ingredients like:

  • Evening Primrose Oil: This oil included I this supplement can help in reducing inflammation and fatigue due to fatty acids found in it. It is also used to promote labor and symptoms of menopause. But it also causes some side effects like upset stomach, diarrhea, and headache etc.
  • Borage Seed Oil: This extract from the plant of starflower can reduce inflammation due to the antioxidant properties of GLA, the fatty acid found in it. It is very important to know its source as some of its varieties can include pyrrolizidine alkaloids which, according to experts, can cause various side effects like cancer and damage the liver etc. As a team of researchers, we have recommended using PA-free Borage seed oil in it.
  • Theobromine: It is an alkaloid usually found within certain stimulants like tea and kola. It is used in this supplement due to its stimulant effect better than caffeine. It can widen blood vessels by stimulating them along with the heart. But it can be dangerous if taken in a higher amount. Its side effects may include anxiety, sleeping problem, vomiting, increased production of urine, tremors, and loss of appetite.
  • Extract of Angelica: It is an extract of a plant that is used to fight with bacterial and viral infections. So experts suggest pregnant women to avoid using this supplement to enhance their sexual desire.
  • Extract of Coleus Forskohlii: Forskolin chemical found in this extract can help in improving the health of your heart by widening blood vessels and reducing blood pressure. Most of the experts recommend this extract as it promises to provide a stronger heart rate to the user.
  • Flavor: In order to give a distinctive taste to Zestra, so that it cannot be eaten, certain artificially processed flavors are added in it. But normally the taste of Zestor is not very pleasing. So there is no need to use an additive for this purpose.

Pros and cons of Zestra


  • Includes lots of natural raw materials
  • Includes several minerals and vitamins
  • Enhances sexual satisfaction of women
  • Hypoallergenic and free from hormone product
  • When ingested during oral sex it is harmless
  • Recommended by FDA and physicians
  • Does not stain bed sheet being water based product
  • Can be mixed with lubricants
  • Money back guarantee


  • Negative side effects of its ingredients
  • Cannot be used with latex made condoms
  • Pregnant women should not use it
  • Women with vaginal infection are not recommended to use it
  • The odor is unpleasant for some


Zestra InstructionsAfter examining Zestra thoroughly we came to a conclusion that we cannot recommend a product to use at the sensitive parts of women body which includes several ingredients causing various types of side effects, even if it has been approved by FDA. Though some of the experts have found it free from any serious side effect still there are chances to increase the risk of getting a damaged liver and even cancer. Moreover, some of its users have complained about its unpleasant smell and difficulty to apply it in the right place [49].

A Professional Review on Arginmax Women Enhancers

Bottle and box of the Arginmax Women EnhancerArginmax is a supplement that ignites women’s sexual desire and increases their arousal levels. It is manufactured using natural ingredients and helps to combat sexual problems in women [50].

The supplement is designed to be used by women who want to increase their sexual drive and make their husbands happy in the bedroom. Unfortunately, expectant mothers are discouraged from using it because it can have adverse effects on them and their babies because they can increase blood pressure which can cause complications when they are giving birth [52].

Composition and its Ingredients

The supplement is produced using natural ingredients to help it accomplish its purpose. Some of the active ingredients that are used to formulate this enhancer include:

  • Ginseng: This is a Korean herb that helps to boost the libido levels in women thus increase the
    mental and physical vitality
  • Ginkgo Biloba: It is included in the formulation to help in improving blood circulation to the genital parts thus facilitating vaginal lubrication which is crucial for pleasurable sex
  • L-Arginine: It helps to relax the soft muscles that are involved and facilitates the circulation of blood to the vagina
    Damiana: It helps to improve mental vitality and thus boosts women libido [52b]

Benefits of using Arginmax Women Supplements

The producer of this supplement makes the following claims about his product:

  • It boosts libido levels in women
  • Improves blood circulation to the genital parts leading to sexual enjoyment
  • It increases sexual arousal in women



Bottle of Arginmax Women

Based on the findings of the several pilot studies we have conducted, we can say that Arginmax does not work and thus women should avoid to purchase or use it. Some women claimed that they had used the supplement for more than one year and yet their sexual life remained the same.

Some of the women had high expectations that the supplement would save their marriages by increasing their sexual arousal [53] levels and sexual appetite. But to their surprise, the supplement never worked.

Neutral and Negative effects

  • It takes a long period before consumers of this supplement can start to notice any changes in their sexual life
  • The supplement does not deliver on any promise it gives to its consumers
  • Women should exercise caution when consuming this supplement as it can have adverse effects on their health
  • Though the manufacturer has been in business for more than two decades and his products are not yet popular in the market

Why Customers should not Buy Arginmax Supplement

Box of Arginmax WomenWomen should avoid purchasing this supplement because it will not help them to improve their sexual urge or boost their libido levels [54]. From the several reports we obtained when working on a pilot study of this supplement, we can confirm that Arginmax enhancer does not work and this cannot provide any benefits it claims on its numerous adverts.

Women should not waste their money buying such an ineffective supplement that does not produce any noticeable results.


As an experienced researcher and doctor, I can advise women that Arginmax does not work and thus they should avoid buying it. The supplement is unreliable because it does not produce the benefits it promises in its countless adverts. Women who used this supplement during our pilot study complained that the supplement did not help them to revamp their sexual life [55].

Women with low sex drive, sexual dysfunction or poor bedroom performance were embarrassed when they bought this supplement. Because sexual performance problems can ruin your marriage, women need to look for other alternative sexual enhancers that work apart from Arginmax. Women should read this Arginmax negative review before they buy any spanish fly supplement.

Review of Zenofem: A Women Libido Enhancer

Bottle of ZenofemLarge numbers of women all over the world face various types of sex-related problems due to various reasons including stress and symptoms of menopause etc. All of these problems directly affect their sex life [56] as they lose the desire for sex.

In such a condition, most of them use various types of female enhancer supplements to improve their sexual performance and desire for sex.

Zenofem is one of the female spanish fly supplements available in the market.

Introduction with Zenofem

Zenofem is an enhancer supplement specially designed to enhance sexual drive and libido [57] of the women who have lost their interest in sexual activities. One can experience its benefits like additional moisture in the vagina and increased the flow of blood in the entire body etc [58]. The manufacturer of this product claims that it can spice up the sex life of its users due to its amazing results due to the use of herbs and various other natural ingredients used in it.

Ingredients of Zenofem

Zenofem includes various s natural ingredients like:

  • Powder of Cnidium Herb: This herbal ingredient is found mainly in China and is used in this product due to its erectile effects. It is also used in various Chinese medicines to treat a number of other health issues like the abnormal discharge of female and enhancement of female libido etc. [59]
  • Bioperine: This ingredient in this product ensures the availability of all other active ingredients as it maximizes the benefits of the product by improving the absorption of other ingredients. It is usually found in black pepper and is considered as one of the GRAS products that are considered effective and safe by most of the toxicologists.
  • Extract of Damiana Leaves: It is the extract of a wild shrub that is historically used for its aphrodisiac properties. This extract can cause certain side effects in certain cases like convulsions, spasms, and poisoning-like effects.
  • Extract of Clove Buda Flower: These flowers are known as the flowers of Peruvian vine found in Amazon. Its extract is used for women for its aphrodisiac properties. It not only reduces inflammation but also libido and energy for women in the post-menopausal stage.
  • Extract of Oat Straw Herb: This extract comes for the plant from which oatmeal is made. It is eaten like a food to stimulate you sexually and as a cognitive enhancer. It can be a safe ingredient if consumed as directed. Though it is an effective ingredient still it can cause side effects like Gas and Bloat etc.
  • Di-Arginine Malate: It helps in binding malic acid and amino acid to use for various purposes including enhancement of the immune system, reduction of nitric oxide and repair of tissues etc. The presence of nitric oxide in your body can increase the supply of oxygen in the body required to stimulate sex organs [60].

Who can use Zenofem and how much?

 Two Bottles of ZenofemAccording to the manufacturer, Zenofem can be consumed by the women who want to improve their sex life and developing a great bond between them and their partner as well as get energetic to live more confidently after getting satisfied from their sexual performance. In order to enjoy their sex life, one must consume 3 capsules of Zenofem every day with a glass of water. She can experience the change in her sex life within one week of consuming it regularly.

Pros and cons of Zenofem


  • Increases desire for sexImprove lubrication in vagina naturally
  • Greatly enhances sexual fantasies by improving desire for sex
  • Easy to consume with water
  • All ingredients are clinically proved and natural


  • Not suitable for women with problem in blood circulation and high blood pressure
  • Not suitable for nursing or pregnant women


Bottle of ZenofemAfter examining all the negative and positive aspects of Zenofem I have derived a neutral conclusion that this women enhancer supplement can be effective for some women but pregnant, nursing and women with blood circulation problems should not consume it without discussing with their health care providers [61].

Though all of its ingredients are natural and safe still some of them can cause certain side effects so you should use it carefully after consulting your doctor.

Provestra – Is This Female Libido Enhancer Really Safe?

Box of ProvestraModern women have a very busy life. They are busy making careers, doing household chores and taking care of their partners. They often skip a proper meal and forget to take care of themselves. This lead to several problems and low libido is one of them. It can be due to extreme exhaustion, stress, and lack of proper diet which cause negative hormonal changes.

Thus, libido enhancer industry is booming faster. There are already thousands of such products in the market claiming themselves to best and 100% safe. One of them is the Provestra which guarantees help, besides being safe. But is it really helpful or safe for you?

About This Product

Provestra is a female libido spanish fly pill that you have to consume daily. This can help to increase your libido by making hormonal changes. It helps in more secretion of sex hormones to increase the libido or sex drive. It comes with a proper blend of some herbs and other ingredients. They claim these ingredients can provide essential aphrodisiacs and nutrients to the women which are essential to increase their libido. It can also restore the balance in the female body.


Box of ProvestraAccording to our research, the ingredients used in the Provestra are mostly natural. This medication is composed of a natural formula containing herbs and vitamins. One of the most active ingredients present in these pills is the L-Arginine which is a natural amino acid. Other ingredients found in its composition are – ginger root, licorice root, ginseng, iron, vitamin C, Gingko Biloba [62], Vitamin B complex, folic acid, theobromine and Kuzu [63].

Who Can Use it?

Apparently, it can be used by any women who feel their libido has decreased due to stress and exhaustion. If your partner is expecting more from you on the bed and you are failing in that because of the low libido, then you can use this enhancer to help you. This can provide a short time effect where you can experience high libido and arousal.

What Are The Benefits?

In the researches and studies, we have found that with the help of some of the natural ingredients, it can be beneficial. If you are looking for an effective enhancer with natural ingredients, then this is a solution. It can provide you with some short-term effects. It can decrease stress and anxiety, besides enhancing sexual desires. It can enhance female libido to a great extent where you can enjoy orgasms and ultimate satisfaction [64].

It can also ease down your menstrual pains. Along with all these, it is also beneficial in treating insomnia, relieving tension and providing ultimate relaxation.

Some Effects Of This

It has some short-lived effects:

  • It can remove depression and fatigue increasing the sex drive
  • It can reduce your mood swings so that you feel happy and relaxed
  • This improves your hormonal functions and strengthens the adrenal gland
  • It possesses the ability for stimulating genitals improving blood circulation [65]

Side Effects

Box of ProvestraAs much as the effects above can be fascinating for you, there are some negative effects too. We have tested this product on many and found some side effects that can be permanent. Even after a lot of researches we have found that many people have complained about side effects.

Though approved by FDA, you will notice extreme drowsiness as well as dizziness the next morning. If taken regularly, this pill can be quite harmful. The main reason for the drowsiness is for the ingredient named Valerian [66]. It helps to fight stress and anxiety for a short-term resulting in fatigue and drowsiness afterward. Also, many people complained about allergies and gaining weight due to regular intake of this pill [67].

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This?

Provestra box and pillsYou should not buy the Provestra as it contains a high amount of Valerian causing too much drowsiness [68]. So, whether you are a home-maker or a working woman, feeling drowsy throughout the day can be quite bad for you. You will not feel right to concentrate on work and you can barely sit straight and work. You will feel that you lack focus. Even it can have a direct effect on your energy level.


All the benefits and side effects mentioned are tested and proven. So, it is always better to avoid such female libido enhancements that can come with such extreme side effects.

A Review of Vigorelle

Vigorelle Box from sideMost women lose interest in sexual activities [69] due to various reasons including symptoms of menopause or increasing stress in their life etc. But some of these women search for an effective enhancer to improve their desire and performance during sexual activities.

Vigorelle is one of the spanish fly supplements that can improve the libido of sexually distressed women [70].

Vigorelle is a cream based spanish fly supplement for women who want to improve their overall sexual activities and libido [71]. It can improve the sex life of its users by reducing dryness in the vagina [72], removing sticky feel in the vagina and increasing arousal and sex drive. They have blended safe and natural ingredients to improve your desire for sex and your performance during sexual activities. Its manufacturers also claim the support of doctors for their product, which is readily available on any drug store in your region at a very reasonable price.

Ingredients of Vigorelle

Vigorelle includes a number of safe and effective natural ingredients like:

  • Oil of Apricot Kernel: This oil is extracted from the seeds of apricot fruits. It contains amygdalin, a natural poison which can cause death if consumed excessively. It is used to nourish your skin with the help of its fatty acid rich properties [73].
  • Extract of Olive Squalane: This extract can be used to lubricate your skin due to its antioxidant-rich structure.
  • Roots of Suma: This South American plant is used to make your body more sensitive to various types of stresses. It can also be used to relieve pain and prevent different types of cancers. But some of the experts are of the view that it lacks evidence regarding the safety of the skin as there are very few studies to support this idea.
  • Shea Butter: It is extracted from the seed rich in fatty acid. It can be used even on sensitive skins to protect them by improving their overall moisture level. It not only moisturizes the skin but also nourishes it deeply [74].
  • Biosomes A&E Complex: Though it is used in some of the spanish fly supplements no other evidence is available online. It is supposed to include the blend of Vitamin A and E but no information is available about the Biosomes in its title. It is used in this spanish fly supplement due to its antioxidant properties.
  • Peppermint Oil: This oil is also used in most of the cosmetic products due to its pleasant smell. It is used I this product not only to improve sensation in the overall genital region but also to relieve upsetting caused by gastritis. It can boost sexual pleasure for women when applied topically but it does not have any direct effect on your libido.
  • Motherwort: This medicinal plant is used to prevent thinning of blood along with improving the functioning of uterine and the flow of blood. But it also includes few unwanted side effects like diarrhea, irritation in stomach and bleeding in uterine etc [75].

Who to use and how to use Vigorelle?

Bottle and box of VigorelleVigorelle should be used by the women wanting to regain their sex drive which they have missed after the symptoms of menopause or due to other reasons.

They should apply it to their vaginal region just before intercourse and its effect will continue form 30-60 minutes.

It will help in increasing wetness in the vagina [76] along with increasing the flow of blood in this region.

Pros of Vigorelle

  • Provides amazing sexual satisfaction
  • Improves overall session of sexual activities
  • Recovers the non-existent desire for sexImprove quality of sexual activities
  • Improves overall confidence in the sexual life of women [77]
  • Enables women to satisfy their male partner sexually
  • Money back guarantee

Cons of Vigorelle

  • Sensitive skin can experience minor itching or irritation
  • Lack of clinical evidence about the safety of this product
  • Urge to use it repeatedly increases


After examining the positive and negative aspects of this women enhancer, the Vigorelle has still some side effects and its ingredients can cause some physical problems. So you should consult your doctor before using Vigorelle to improve your libido.


Being a trusted research organisation who has been in business for many years we have to deal with a lot of complicated issues and medical conditions. The most common problem that we have to deal with is the Orgasmic Dysfunction. It becomes tricky for the doctors to diagnose the issue as the people tend to shy away from such topics. The couples and individuals that they see each day are often not satisfied with their partners.

This dissatisfaction leads to serious issues, including mood swings and hormonal troubles in the ladies [78]. This lack of sex drive or orgasmic dysfunction is caused due to the loss of libido, could be due to stress, changes in diet, extreme exercises, or any other sudden change in the lifestyle.

So whenever there is a couple or individual with this trouble, we intend to treat them right away. There are few stimulators or enhancers which are available in the market. These stimulators have proven to be really helpful for curing such issues. I would share with you the most effective and safe enhancer that we recommend, like the Femgasm.

What are the stimulators?

With so many years of practice and research, we have finally found the solution to this problem with the stimulators. Over the years along with our team, we have dealt with many couples facing issues in their sexual life [79] and being a professional it becomes our responsibility to help them get over their trouble. We cannot offer them something that would fix the issue but would cause them side-effects as well. There are many such enhancers available in the market, and we would share the details about one of such enhancer that could help patients to fix this issue.

So the product that would not help females get orgasms [80] would be the Femgasm, this is not one of the most effective enhancers in the market and its formula is tried and tested in our research labs. That’s the main concern of the doctors and patient these days because many brands claim to be the best and safe. But their products have neutral or zero effects and unsafe for the body as well.

Benefits of Femgasm

There are many enhancers that have the chemical properties that would help the women get to the climax in their sexual life [81]. But like We said before, only a few of them works without causing any negative effects. One of such products is the Femgasm. After a lot of research and hours of devoted in our labs, we have come up with a solution that Femgasm is an ideal product for the women to get their sexual drive back.

The product has many properties that make is different than the rest of the competitors who are available in the market.

The Femgasm has:

  • A potent aphrodisiac is available, which are also known as the love drug. They enhance the sexual drive and increase the presence of libidos in the body.
  • Hormone enhancing herbs are present in the solution of the Femgasm. Which help to bring back the sexual drive of the women. It has herbs like Tribulus Terrestris, to boost the sexual energy.
  • Miura Puama, that is also a botanical herb that helps to cure the overall health of the person and stimulate sexual drive [82].
  • Horny Goat Weed helps to improve the blood circulation of the body and drive that to the sexual reproductive part. This helps to make the vaginal area sensitive and thus increases sexual drive.

Are there any side effects?

From my years of practice, I have come up to a point where I know almost all these sex stimulators have some or the other drawback. I have found few of the drawbacks or negative or neutral effects of the Femgasm as well, these would be:

  • Due to the component of the sexual stimulator, I found that the women could feel virginal dryness after each sexual encounters with their partner.
  • Usage of these pills could even make the women feel nauseous and tired all the time.
  • So if you are ready to face these negative or neutral effects on your body then you can definitely take these pills to give a boost to your sexual drive.

Apart from that, these pills are completely safe and very affordable too, which makes it ideal for the people to buy these pills. They have proven to be a great sexual booster for the women who have lost their sexual drive [83].

Durex Play: Will It Be Safe For You To Use?

We have come across many enhancers and lubricants that are in the market. But none of them actually get the certification of 100% safe. We have researched about this product by Durex completely and a our review is given below.

About This Product

The Durex Play [84] is a product range associated with the Durex trademark. Everyone knows Durex to be a reliable and renowned brand. This product also provides a massaging lotion along with a strong lubricator for having fun during your sexual time with your partner [85]. It is a stimulating massage and lube which can be used with the condoms for a smoother and better experience. During intercourse, due to lack of lubrication, it can be quite painful for some. This lubricator can be the best solution for it.


As far as the composition is concerned, this lubricator enhancer has aloe vera in it. This helps to provide a soothing sensation. It is a water-based lubricator infused with ylang ylang [86], a tropical plant. This ylang ylang has some powerful aphrodisiac properties. It also contains a climbing plant named Gurana which is a native plant of Brazil. Gurana contains caffeine in it which is great for both the women and her partner [87]. Also, it contains a cooling ingredient named menthol which can increase the sensitivity of the clitoris. Other ingredients in this composition are propylene glycol and glycerin [88].

Who Can Use it?

According to a thorough research, it has been seen that the lubricator works fine providing a cooling sensation. So, if you feel a lot of pain during your intercourse [89], then it can be because of the lack of lubrication. Whoever wants to soothe down the pain and make it easier, can use this.

What Are The Benefits?

One of the benefits of this lubricator, Durex Play, is that it is easy to use and effective. It is also a water based product which makes it non-sticky and non-greasy in nature. It can easily be washed away with water. This doesn’t leave any stain on clothes or your bedding too.

Some Effects Of This

Here are some of the effects of this lubricator:

  • If massaged on to the genitals, it can act as a sexual enhancer
  • It provides a mental alert to the people involved in the activity
  • Cooling agents provide a pleasurable tingling sensation

Side Effects

Though it has great effects and benefits, in our researches we have found some negative points too. Not only it can be dangerous for consumption but it can also cause allergies and irritation in certain people. Since genitals are quite sensitive and must be treated with extreme care, it is not good to use this product. You may not feel anything wrong during the intercourse, but afterwards you can feel a tingling and consistent irritation. Even in some cases, we have seen people complaining about rashes.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This?

If it is causing allergies and rashes in the genitals and area nearby that, then it can be a serious issue. It is the most sensitive part of your body and even if the ingredients are natural but ylang ylang and other herbs and plants may not suit you [90]. This can cause extreme inflammation and rashes.


It case if you are wondering to buy this Durex Play, it is better to drop the idea. You should never take a risk regarding such products as your genital area is quite sensitive and repeated use can cause permanent damages too.


You may have heard about LexaFem supplement which is an acclaimed female sexual enhancer. The manufacturers claim that it can improve female sexual arousal where it has been declining and generally a treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction [91]. They credit the supplement to improve libido, orgasms and vaginal moisture. There are so many testimonials out there but you won’t know the reality until you learn about the ingredients, tested and know about the side effects which they usually don’t reveal.

LexaFem Ingredients

One of the components of this supplement is the Tribulus Terrestris [92] which is extracted from a natural plant known to improve sexual libido and the general health of a person.

It also consists of Choline [93] which provides an alternative for vitamin B and is found in various foods where it supports the nervous system and also decreases inflammation but not sure how it helps in female dysfunction.

Dimethylglycine that contains amino acid which facilitates oxygen circulation and the immune system [94].

Another acid called L-Histidine which supports metabolic activities in the body [95].

The Panax Ginseng which is a plant extract that is believed to improve blood circulation and preventing early ejaculation [96].

Also, the NADH chemical found in the body cells that promote nerve function and also increase the energy required by the body.

Who can use LexaFem

Women from the age of 30 can use the supplement to middle age women and women over the age of 55 who usually face the problem of lacking interest in sexual activity. You will find that many women have tried the product but do not provide positive reviews. The formula has generated a lot of concern as there is no mention of the right dosage for one to use and get effective. Some of the components mentioned above can actually improve libido in women but you won’t find the actual mix ratio of the components so that you can determine if it is good for you.

Some of the customers who have used the products complain about the product having no effects results to some severe headache and generally making no difference. Some customers experience negative side effects where they experience fatigue and feeling uncomfortable. Although there are some users who have experienced a positive and neutral effect, not many of them can confirm how effective is the supplement.


From the research side point of view, this product has so many questions about where the company the company does not provide efficient information about the dosage, side effects and there is no one to contact for customer support. Customers also complain that the product is too costly when compared to what they claim the product can do. It is not always advisable to use a product that does not provide the appropriate medical description and does not disclose the negative side effects.

Intimate Response

We have seen the number of women diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire increase [97]. For most women, the condition is characterized by reduced passion and desire for sex. The reasons for hypoactive sexual desire might be as a result of alcohol intake, monthly hormonal changes, some drugs such as oral contraceptives or anti-depressants, emotional factors or circulatory status.

For women who are about to reach their pre-menopausal age [98] as well as those already going through menopause, they experience it on a near chronic level. In our years of research, study, and treatment of sexual disorders in women, we have come across several sexual enhancers and Intimate Response is worth a mention.

Recommended Dosage

For an adult woman, it is recommended that you take 1 or 2 tablets daily of Intimate Response. However, before you start the dosage, consult your physician and they will give the correct dosage. No matter how badly you want to please your spouse or lover, do not exceed more than 30 days at any one time. The best way to do this is by taking a two weeks break before you take the enhancer again.

Side Effects and Symptoms

While we might take your time telling you what you already know that it gets you in the mood for sex, today we present our neutral review of the sexual enhancer and we also aim to square out the negative reviews about the product. While it will work to get you sexually ready, we have encountered women with the following side effects and symptoms of Intimate Response and you ought to be worried about:

  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Increased estrogen levels
  • Causes hair growth on the face in women
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Warning Against the Use of Intimate Response

There is more to the use of the sexual enhancer and our research and sexual health professionals give the following warning discouraging the use of the enhancer by:

  • Women and girls of minority age
  • Pregnant women, when you are trying to get pregnant, or if there is a chance that you will get pregnant
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Things to Keep in Mind

We have no doubt that Instant Response works wonders, but there is still the dark side of the cloud that includes the negative aspect of the sexual enhancer. To be on the safe side, it is best to consult a practicing physician prior to taking the enhancer if in your family there are cases of:

  • Heart disease
  • Low HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Prostate cancer

Failure to this, there might be an increased risk to getting the above hereditary diseases. Also to be on the safe side, do not mix the use of the sexual enhancer if you are taking blood-thinning medication, any other dietary supplement, aspirin, prescription or OTC drugs [99]. One major negative factor about Intimate Response is that it has soy and this makes it a less than adequate sexual enhancer.


As your body changes, it can be stressful accepting things for what they really are. Dietary supplements such as Intimate Response could help you deal with the changes in your body and get you back to having sexual desire and passion for sex again. However, with the negative effects and the neutral characteristic, it is best to proceed with caution. Always consult your doctor before you start on the Intimate Response.


According to the last researching of the female sexual problem [100], it has revealed that 40 percent of women suffer from decreased libido, reduction or loss of sexual desire, no peak experienced and have shorter or longer period without a sex drive… The most common causes of these disorders are stress, the lack of sleep, menopause, the use of alcohol, medicines, especially antidepressants. Generally, the primary reason is decreased estrogen level.

The lack of women libido can be lurking, but there is still our expert opinion that this is not a serious problem [101]. As long as society does not start to realize it serious, women will continue to suffer.

This product is improved in order to increase craving for sex in women after a short time of use [102]. Generally to give to women the ultimate stimulation and satisfaction and on the other hand, sexual excitement with a partner. Secondly, it ought to be specialized in treating frigidity.

Many women decide to try Femizin +

Many women are looking for rescue in the pills, often taking than with no thought. Nowadays many women decide to try Femizin +, while they do not know anything about this product.

According to our examination, Femizin + is a major failure of the company which implemented it. Effective pills to increase libido in women must be carefully selected and also must consist on herbal ingredients that affect the increase in sexual desire and excitement in women [103].

By formulating stimulating and relaxing ingredients, it is necessary to stimulate circulation, circulation of female genitalia and increased sensitivity that improve the desire for sex and helps to achieve greater pleasure [104].

Without any doubts, these product does not meet these two criteria and is still not sufficiently exanimated. By this reason, this product it is not the right choice. Especially for pregnant women and women with high pressure [105]. Since I have many years of experience in researching everything that concerns the sexual problems, I would not recommend this product asthis is most important ever to a number of people.


  • Vitamin A, B1, B3, B6
  • Zink
  • Arginine
  • L-TyposineBioPerineepidemium
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Asparagus, but it needs at least two more ingredients that make this product more effective

All ingredients are natural but have not yet discovered whether they are effective in all combination.


It has a positive influence on blood flowing and improves energy, but that fact does not mean that it increases libido. Certainly, Femizin + is not harmful but according to all analyzes, it is not useful.


It should be used for more than two months, but it is not recommended for human health. Libido is largely related to our psychophysical condition and long-term neglect of physical but also mental activity can seriously be harmed. Some people do not need pills, for some people is completely enough to change lifestyle.

Pharmaceutical companies have long been trying to make an ideal pill that can stimulate libido in women. So far, no adequate solutions have been found and no reliable tool for this purpose has been approved.

Problems with the libido are not the same in women. Therefore, before using pills women should consult some experts


 Many women are increasingly finding it hard to have a sex life that is satisfying and healthy. There are various common challenges that often contribute to the decrease in sexual desires in women [106]. One common challenge is the natural process of aging and there are also other challenges including fatigue and stress.

The good news is that if you are a woman and your desire for sex is fast decreasing then there are various solutions available for you. Apart from lifestyle changes and having a good diet, another solution that is increasingly being adopted is the use of herbal supplements. And there are numerous women sexual enhancers in the market that claim to be effective [107]. One such sexual enhancer for females is called Femigor.

Now, if you are a woman and there are various choices of women sexual enhancers like Femigor available, that means choosing an effective one becomes challenging. And that is solely where our research organization helps. We serve to provide you with the right information concerning the various female sexual enhancers.

We are able to achieve that purpose as our large organization has doctors, experts, researchers with a specialization in sexual problems and sexual enhancers. As among the experts, I am too specialized on sexual problems and sexual enhancers apart from having many years of experience like the rest of our research team.

That means that I am deeply knowledgeable in matters concerning female sexual enhancers. As well, we give unbiased and neutral information because unlike other many websites we do not sell or manufacture these products. Our research organization simply evaluates and writes reviews about the many female sexual enhancers. Consequently, here is a comprehensive review of the Femigor female sexual enhancer.

Is true that enables females to be able to spice up their love?

Femigor is claimed to be a supplement that enables females to be able to spice up their love life by increasing sex drive [108]. I have searched online about this product and I just cannot seem to find the official website and even the name of the manufacturer which is a bit odd. Any time these kinds of information are missing or are hard to find concerning a product like this that can greatly impact on your health then that must always be a concern.

A legit product must have a website having actual customer testimonials and since the website is not there it means the company is not that professional. Femigor is strictly sold by numerous re-sellers on

Additionally, while the product is marketed as all-natural, it is a fact that not all products that market themselves that way are indeed natural. More in-depth information is not available in regards to the ingredients used in the Femigor. Other natural ingredients that are claimed to have been incorporated into the product have no conclusive clinical studies such as Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto Berry, and MuiraPuama Root Powder.

The company making this product should focus more on availing clinical testing which is really not there, instead of just marketing the product as number one in the market.

Who can use Femigor and how often?

Femigor is intended to be used by females for the purpose of increasing or boosting sexual desire and improve sexual pleasure and sensation. It is advised that the product should be used 1 to 2 hours before starting your sexual activity. 2 Femigor capsules should be taken daily and the monthly supply of the product is
60 capsules.

Claimed benefits of the product

  • Boosts sexual desire
  • Increase energy and stamina [109]
  • Improve your overall performance in bed.
  • Negative effects or results of Femigor

It is true that I have not come across any possible side effects or results concerning this product because it is fairly new in the market. But it must be understood that it is always impossible for negative results no to be experienced when using a product like these as our bodies tend to respond in different ways. Negative effects’ is a common word often used by the supplement companies just to entice you to buy and use their products.

There is also no clinical proof that this product is effective. There are high chances that it simply does not work.

My recommendation to potential customers is that this product is not as effective as other products as our analysis indicates. It is also important to remember that the company manufacturing the supplement has no clinical studies available to show that it really works.

Moreover, most of the customers who have positively reviewed the product especially on Amazon include the disclaimer that the product was offered to them at a discounted price. That to me is not an honest review but a paid endorsement.


In conclusion, with no customer support, no official and professional website, no supporting clinical studies and no known manufacturer, I strongly recommended against the use of this product from my neutral review.

Libido for Her

The present market is full of products and services that claim to aid the different symptoms and complications of menopause [110]. However, the truth states there are only a few products in the market that are true to their claims and prove their efficiency upon application.

Being a part of a massive medical research academy, we have come across plenty of commodities that are not at all effective when it comes to easing the issues of libido. On the contrary, those products encourage adverse side effects and long-term damages on the user. Consumers will have to be very careful while purchasing such products in the future.

More and more women in today’s generation are beginning to experience a loss of desire to be sexually active due to physical or social demands [111]. Many of them have developed a tendency to rely on sexual enhancers. One such product that we analysed and evaluated very recently is Libido For Her. After evaluating its characteristics and composition, we are going to review it in the best neutral way possible without any biases.


LibidoForHer is a female enhancer with some active ingredients in its structure. The enhancer has chaste berry, which is expected to benefit women with better sexual wellbeing. It also has European barberry that is widely considered to be a herbal remedy for libido. The particular ingredient is correctly used to treat PMS symptoms [112], specifical pain in the areas around the vagina and uterus. It helps the organ in lubricating thus avoiding sexual discomfort.

Aphrodisiac Damiana is also present in the combination, which aids in the treatment of decreased female libido. It also works as a boost for dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea [113]. Apart from these, there is also black lead graphite that helps in treating those who experience night sweat and pain in the uterus and ovary. The product also has St. Ignatius Bean that benefits those who suffer from mood swings in their sexual performances.

How does it work?

When a woman takes a dose of LibidoForHer, the ingredients are directly absorbed by the blood vessels. The product has a large inclination in similarity with homoeopathic sprays. One will only need to spray under the tongue as per the product instructions. From there on, the product will work on its own. The product identifies the body’s natural response to sexual performances that will continue to increase the degree of satisfaction between the user and her partner. The product has plant-based ingredients as mentioned in the above section [114].

The manufacturers of LibidoForHer have claimed that due to an expertly designed combination of herbs, which are used as ingredients, women will be relieved from experiencing common discomforts and symptoms, including:

  • Reduced libido
  • Painful experience during the performance
  • Menstrual painExhaustion
  • Mood swings
  • Hot flashes
  • Disorder in sexual health.


LibidoForHer has garnered a fair share of positive review for itself from the users in the community. The product is made for those who want to improve their sexual performance levels enormously. The solution is homoeopathic as mentioned earlier and is relatively easy to use. The product contains favourite herbs that can increase the user’s libido. Some of the ingredients also have a clinical recommendation for usage as well. It is yet to connect with any adverse side effects unlike therapy for hormonal replacement. The current characteristics and composition also push the idea successfully that it is safe for long-term use.


Although the ingredients are not toxic which supports it to become a compelling choice, LibidoForHer is still unclear on a clinical certification level. Without any approval from a major medical institution, using the product is risky. Most of the new medical products and enhancers are expected to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration board before sale. Even though LibidoForHer does not show any characteristic or sign that can strengthen the claim that the product does not incur any adverse side effect, no trial or study has been conducted that can suffice the same for long-term usage.


From a medical organizations perspective, we strongly suggest all the consumers not to purchase LibidoForHer because it yet to be approved and certified by medical boards. The product is not entirely examined and analyzed as well. It has every possibility to cause significant negative side effects and long-term changes to a human body upon usage.

Germany Sex Drops

Box of the Germany Sex DropsGermany Sex Drops have been marketed as 100% all-natural liquid female libido enhancers. Supposedly safe to use and effective, the product sounded like a miracle solution and almost too good to be true. This is why, as a team of doctors, medical researchers and sexual health specialists, we took it upon ourselves to find out exactly just how much of the hype the public should believe.

Many women struggle with low libido

It is no secret that many women struggle with low libido and have very low sexual urges [115]. A recent survey found that at any one time, 16% of European women did not feel any sexual urges at all. 38% of American women were similarly found to have low or no sex drive. These numbers are not terribly surprising, however, since they have been fluctuating throughout history since time immemorial.

The fact of the matter is that women generally have lower sexual urges than men [116]. Which means that anyone who promises to magically increase all women’s libido will have willing customers, both men, and women, lining up outside their door. Germany Sex Drops is exactly this product.

What Does It Promise To Do?

Box of the Germany Sex DropsGermany Sex Drops promises to increase a woman’s vaginal lubrication, increase sensitivity and increase libido. It also promises to help with your overall health and wellbeing. And it promises to do all this within a few minutes of administration.

It is marketed as an affordable all natural solution to your bedroom issues. And the best part is that you get to use it as you please: find the number of drops that work for you to add to your drink and voila! All your troubles are gone. You don’t even have to use it every day! Sounds too good to be true? That’s probably because it is.


Our research organization seeking to find out the exact composition of this product. The manufacturer says that it contains water, fructose, melatonin, and sanitize. Well, our alarm bells started going off when we read that. Why? I’ll explain. First, we found that Germany Sex Drops contains almost 80% water.

Does that sound like too little?

Box of the Germany Sex DropsWell, it is. Secondly, fructose is a type of sugar found in fruits and plant products. It is one of the simple sugars that the body can readily absorb into the bloodstream during digestion. Fructose makes up 50% of table sugar [117], the other part of the sugar being its energy giving glucose component. So what does this mean? Essentially, it means that someone added sugar to the 80% water.

Thirdly, what is melatonin?

Melatonin is the hormone that controls your sleep cycles. It is sold as a supplement that helps regulate sleep patterns [118]. It has absolutely nothing to do with human sexuality. In addition to that, there are two types of melatonin, an artificial type, and a natural type. Germany Sex Drops do not specify which type they are using. However, one type is harmless, while the other can potentially destroy the immune system. With no clarification from the manufacturers, they are basically asking you to play a game of Russian roulette with them.

Finally, what is canitis?

Well, here is a shocker for you: nothing! There is no such substance as canitis [119]. Germany Sex Drops literally made up an ingredient and added it to their product. Our research showed that the drops only actually contain three products: water, sugar, and sleep hormones. Their false advertising makes them look really shady and opens them up to potential litigation. Oh, conveniently, the manufacturers forgot to print their contact details on the packaging. I wonder why.

Who Can Use It? How Often?

Box and bottle of Germany Sex DropsThe direction for use is quite simple. If you are a woman experiencing low sex drive, use however much of this product as you please, whenever you please. You can use a few drops or drink the whole bottle, all you have to do is find the quantity that works for you and keep increasing that with each subsequent use. Yes, we know how it sounds, and yes, we laughed out loud too when we read it.

Benefits, Effects, and Results

After scouring internet reviews of this product, we found that it yielded no discernable results for a majority of women. Seriously, you should take a look at this product’s reviews on Amazon. Which is no surprise, considering that they were tricked into drinking good old water. We also couldn’t find any effects stemming from the long-term use of the product, probably because most people just stop using it when they realize it was all a scam.

Negative Effects and Results

Despite not yielding any benefits to the user, the Germany Sex Drops could potentially be very harmful to anyone who uses it continuously. If artificial melatonin is being used, it could irreversibly destroy your immune system [120]. Similarly, any dose of melatonin is particularly dangerous to pregnant and breastfeeding women. It also goes without saying that a product such as this has to go through rigorous testing and certifications before being sold, and the fact that the Germany Sex Drops has not, poses a serious health risk to anyone who chooses to use it.


Sealed bottles of Germany Sex DropsThere are many women who experience low sex drives and would wish to increase their libido. The fact that there are products such as this in the market today that preys on the needs of these desperate women is frankly sad and disgusting.

If you are looking for a product to help you increase your sex drives, there are several solutions out there. You just have to do your research thoroughly so you don’t fall prey to scammers.

It is, therefore, my expert opinion that Germany Sex Drops is a product with questionable ingredients that should not be used by anyone who cares about their overall well being.

About Author

Dr. Kevin Murphy

Kevin is the Laboratory director and a board-certified medical doctor. He is a pathologist who specializes in identifying the cause and nature of low libido in both men and women.

His primary roles are managing the overall operations, and activities in a laboratory, maintaining the standards set out by regulators and ensuring all administrative functions, technical and clinical function of the lab is effectively and efficiently performed. He is the main backbone of the laboratory and an essential cog in the wheel in the manufacturing of Spanish Fly products.


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