Key features of the laboratory

Laboratory Fume Hoods

The fume hoods are an essential part of the Spanish fly products laboratory. You must wonder why? Well, in a lab setting there are gases and chemical residues which needs to be disposed of properly so as not to cloud or pollute the air.

The fume hoods have the capability of removing chemical residues and leftover gases from the environment.

Individual lab work stations

For everyone to work efficiently they each must have their workspace, the lab is of high quality with a stunning design to ensure scientist and doctors are comfortable working within their private spaces.

Use of Epoxy

In the production of Spanish fly products, there are a lot of chemical reactions and an epoxy material is the right component to use on countertops and work stations. The materials are chemical and heat resistant. For scientists and technicians, you will never have to worry about accidental chemical melt-downs when experimenting on nutritional supplements.