Spanish Fly Products Laboratory

Walking into the laboratory, its well-lit with nothing but just machines feature that is noticeable at first. There is minimal or no movement from the staff, what stands out the most is there is no odor.

White coated lab technicians and scientist are busy going about their day moving about the lab in choreographed silence. The level of research that goes into the testing production of Spanish Fly and other products will astonish you.

The sound of machinery on the background, plasma screen and watching scientist transfer fluid from one pipette to the other the chemical reactions intrigued me the most. This is where potent Spanish Fly products are tested.

Doctors and professionals¬†assist in performing fine needle aspirations and examination of the samples of the Spanish Fly to check on their effect of a human being’s libido and erectile dysfunction. They also assist to the pathologist in making a diagnosis. His role is significant in the Spanish Fly Laboratory as he provides insights on how the product will react with the body.