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Review of Zestra: A Topical Enhancer Supplement for Women

We include a number of researchers, doctors and experts to make a large organization that researches on various types of supplement and enhancers that claim to treat sexual problems of women in particular. We have tested, researched and written reviews of many of the women enhancers released in the market with a neutral attitude since last many years. Most women find it very difficult to reach at peak arousal due to various reasons including stress, medical reasons and menopause. Zestra has been introduced as a supplement to help such women in reducing their sexual problems and increasing their libido. I have written this negative review of Zestra on the basis of my research and knowledge in this regard.

What is Zestra?

Zestra is a topical female supplement that can be used to enhance their sexual desire, arousal and satisfaction within few minutes of its application. This supplement is a blend of various extracts of plants and herbal oils which can be applied directly on the labia and clitoris to enhance sexual desire. It starts working within 3-5 minutes and continues to remain effective up to 40-45 minutes. It is considered safe as it is free from paraben hormones and preservatives. Being backed by several health care providers it has been described as a scientific supplement.

Ingredients in Zestra

Zestra includes a number of natural ingredients like:

  • Evening Primrose Oil: This oil included I this supplement can help in reducing inflammation and fatigue due to fatty acids found in it. It is also used to promote labor and symptoms of menopause. But it also causes some side effects like upset stomach, diarrhea and headache etc.
  • Borage Seed Oil: This extract from the plant of starflower can reduce inflammation due to the antioxidant properties of GLA, the fatty acid found in it. It is very important to know its source as some of its varieties can include pyrrolizidine alkaloids which, according to experts, can cause various side effects like cancer and damage the liver etc. As a team of researchers we have recommended to use PA-free Borage seed oil in it.
  • Theobromine: It is an alkaloid usually found within certain stimulants like tea and kola. It is used in this supplement due to its stimulant effect better than caffeine. It can widen blood vessels by stimulate them along with heart. But it can be dangerous if taken in higher amount. Its side effects may include anxiety, sleeping problem, vomiting, increased production of urine, tremors and loss of appetite.
  • Extract of Angelica: It is an extract of a plant that is used to fight with bacterial and viral infections. So experts suggest pregnant women to avoid using this supplement to enhance their sexual desire.
  • Extract of Coleus Forskohlii: Forskolin chemical found in this extract can help in improving the health of your heart by widening blood vessels and reducing blood pressure. Most of the experts recommend this extract as it promises to provide stronger heart rate to the user.
  • Flavor: In order to give a distinctive taste to Zestra, so that it cannot be eaten, certain artificially processed flavors are added in it. But normally the taste of Zestor is not very pleasing. So there is no need to use any additive for this purpose.

Pros and cons of Zestra


Includes lots of natural raw materialsIncludes several minerals and vitaminsEnhances sexual satisfaction of womenHypoallergenic and free from hormone productWhen ingested during oral sex it is harmlessRecommended by FDA and physiciansDoes not stain bed sheet being water based productCan be mixed with lubricantsMoney back guarantee


Negative side effects of its ingredients Cannot be used with latex made condoms Pregnant women should not use itWomen with vaginal infection are not recommended to use itOdor is unpleasant for some


After examining Zestra thoroughly we came to a conclusion that we cannot recommend a product to use at the sensitive parts of women body which includes several ingredients causing various types of side effects, even if it has been approved by FDA. Though some of the experts have found it free from any serious side effect but still there are chances to increase the risk of getting a damaged liver and even cancer. Moreover, some of its users have complained about its unpleasant smell and difficulty to apply it at right place.

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