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Provestra – Is This Female Libido Enhancer Really Safe?

Modern women have a very busy life. They are busy making careers, doing household chores and taking care of their partners. They often skip proper meal and forget to take care of themselves. This lead to several problems and low libido is one of them. It can be due to extreme exhaustion, stress and lack of proper diet which cause negative hormonal changes. Thus, libido enhancer industry is booming faster. There are already thousands of such products in the market claiming themselves to best and 100% safe. One of them is the Provestra which guarantees help, besides being safe. But is it really helpful or safe for you?

About This Product

Provestra is a female libido enhancement pill that you have to consume daily. This can help to increase your libido by making hormonal changes. It helps in more secretion of sex hormones to increase the libido or sex drive. It comes with a proper blend of some herbs and other ingredients. They claim these ingredients can provide essential aphrodisiacs and nutrients to the women which is essential to increase their libido. It can also restore the balance in the female body.


According to our research, the ingredients used in the Provestra are mostly natural. This medication is composed of natural formula containing herbs and vitamins. One of the most active ingredients present in these pills is the L-Arganine which is a natural amino acid. Other ingredients found in its composition are – ginger root, licorice root, ginseng, iron, vitamin C, Gingko biloba, Vitamin B complex, folic acid, therobromine and Kuzu.

Who Can Use it?

Apparently, it can be used by any women who feel their libido has decreased due to stress and exhaustion. If your partner is expecting more from you on the bed and you are failing in that because of the low libido, then you can use this enhancer to help you. This can provide a short time effect where you can experience high libido and arousal.

What Are The Benefits?

In the researches and studies, we have found that with the help of some of the natural ingredients, it can be beneficial. If you are looking for an effective enhancer with natural ingredients, then this is a solution. It can provide you with some short-term effects. It can decrease stress and anxiety, besides enhancing sexual desires. It can enhance female libido to a great extent where you can enjoy orgasms and ultimate satisfaction. It can also ease down your menstrual pains. Along with all these, it is also beneficial in treating insomnia, relieving tension and providing ultimate relaxation.

Some Effects Of This

It has some short-lived effects like:

It can remove depression and fatigue increasing the sex driveIt can reduce your mood swings so that you feel happy and relaxedThis improves your hormonal functions and strengthen the adrenal glandIt possesses ability for stimulating genitals improving blood circulation

Side Effects

As much as the effects above can be fascinating for you, there are some negative effects too. We have tested this product on many and found some side effects that can be permanent. Even after a lot of researches we have found that many people have complained about side effects. Though approved by FDA, you will notice extreme drowsiness as well as dizziness the next morning. If taken regularly, this pill can be quite harmful. The main reason of the drowsiness is for the ingredient named Valerian. It helps to fight stress and anxiety for a short term resulting in fatigue and drowsiness afterwards. Also, many people complained about allergies and gaining weight due to regular intake of this pill.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This?

You should not buy the Provestra as it contains high amount of Valerian causing too much drowsiness. So, whether you are a home-maker or a working woman, feeling drowsy throughout the day can be quite bad for you. You will not feel right to concentrate on work and you can barely sit straight and work. You will feel that you lack focus. Even it can have a direct effect on your energy level.


This is a neutral review about the Provestra. All the benefits and side effects mentioned are tested and proven. So, it is always better to avoid such female libido enhancements that can come with such extreme side effects.

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