Dr. Kevin Murphy

He is the Laboratory director and a board-certified medical doctor. He is a pathologist who specializes in identifying the cause and nature of low libido in both men and women.

His primary roles are managing the overall operations, and activities in a laboratory, maintaining the standards set out by regulators and ensuring all administrative functions, technical and clinical function of the lab is effectively and efficiently performed. He is the main backbone of the laboratory and an essential cog in the wheel in the manufacturing of Spanish Fly products.

Dr. Jane Rose

She is a pathologist. Her primary role is diagnosing and characterizing disorder/disease by examining blood, tissues and other bodily fluids; she is specially trained to interpret biological samples extracted from Spanish Fly and analyzing its ingredients.

As a clinical pathologist, she deals with measuring chemical constituents of the blood and other bodily fluids. She also provides consultation to other doctors in the laboratory about the significance of test results.

Dr. Donald Marty

He is a Cytotechnologists whose primary job is the preparation and analyzing of sample cells from fluids and body tissue under a microscope by recognizing changes in body cells before and after administration of Spanish Fly products.