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Review of Lyriana: A Female Libido Enhancer

We are the part of a large research organization that includes wide range of experts, researchers, and doctors as well as specialists in sexual enhancers and sexual problems. We are the group of expert doctors with an experience and knowledge of many years in the field of female sexual enhancers. We have tested, reviewed and written neutral reviews of a number of female sex enhancers since last few years. Today, on the basis of my research and experiences I am writing a review of Lyriana, a libido enhancer for women.

What is Lyriana?

Lyriana is a supplement that promises to enhance the desire for sex and sex drive among women. According to our experience and research results, it focuses on increasing the libido and production of hormone responsible for sex drive in women along with allowing the body to increase lubrication of vagina in a natural manner. The blend of aphrodisiacs and phytonutrients found in it works mainly on three causes of low sex drive in women. Along with increasing the levels of dopamine and estrogen it also increases the sensitivity and the flow of blood in women’s body.

Ingredients in Lyriana

Lyriana includes a number of natural ingredients to increase desire for sex and flow of blood in women’s body. It is composed of:

  • L-Arginine: This amino acid used in this product will help in improving the levels of nitric oxide in your system along with increasing the flow of blood in the entire body to improve your athletic performance and energy level along with increasing your sexual arousal.
  • Epimedium: This herb, also known as horny goat weed, can help in improving desire for sex among men and women as well as flow of blood in their body. But it may also show certain side-effects like vomiting, upset stomach, dry mouth, diarrhea and nausea etc.
  • Damiana: It is an aphrodisiac herb, usually found in Central America and Mexico, which is used in this product to increase energy levels and stimulate desire for sex.
  • Maca: It is derived from the roots of Peru plants and is used in this product to improve athletic performance, stamina and energy level like superpower foods. Along with improving sexual performance of men and women both it also reduces the symptoms of menopause.
  • Extract of Yohimbe: Yohimbe is an African herb. Its extract, Yohimbine extract, can be used to increasing arousal in the genital region of women along with increasing flow of blood in their entire body. But certain negative effects like diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, rapid heartbeat, seizures, upset stomach, heart attack, kidney failure, sinus pain, drooling, insomnia and anxiety etc. are also attached with it.

Working of Lyriana

Lyriana has been developed by the experts in the field of reproductive health care to stimulate sexual arousal among women. According to our research, it increases the production of dopamine in human body by providing it L-dopa. Men and women with low sex drive normally have low level of dopamine. We have also found that this product includes ingredients that can increase sexual appetite and the blood circulation in the entire body of women including their vital parts which in turn increases the level of sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

Who can use Lyriana and how often?

Lyriana can be used by the women with low sexual desire and reduced sexual performance. This natural supplement can help not only in boosting their desire for sex but also their sexual stamina, energy and performance. They can take 1-3 capsules daily to get the best results. They should start with one capsule and can increase its dose up to 3 capsules a day depending upon the effect of this supplement on your sexual desire. You should increase the intake of water and take it after meals to avoid gastric problems.

Pros and cons of Lyriana


Improves blood circulation in the entire bodyImproves mood by increasing production of dopamineImproves sexual libido of the user in natural manner


Causes side effects like high blood pressure and breathing problemCauses upset stomach if taken without eating anythingCauses nausea in some casesEffects adversely on certain medical conditions


We cannot recommend Lyriana for the women who have lost their libido due to any medical condition or menopause, after examining it thoroughly. Most of the ingredients in this product cause negative effects on the health of the users. Yohimbine extract used in this female enhancement supplement is banned in various countries due to its dangerous side effects.

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