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The present market is full of products and services that claim to aid the different symptoms and complications of menopause. However, the truth states there are only a few products in the market that are true to their claims and prove their efficiency upon application. Being a part of a massive medical research academy, we have come across plenty of commodities that are not at all effective when it comes to easing the issues of libido. On the contrary, those products encourage adverse side effects and long-term damages on the user. Consumers will have to be very careful while purchasing such products in the future.

More and more women in today’s generation are beginning to experience a loss of desire to be sexually active due to physical or social demands. Many of them have developed a tendency to rely on sexual enhancers. One such product that we analysed and evaluated very recently is Libido For Her. After evaluating its characteristics and composition, we are going to review it in the best neutral way possible without any biases.


LibidoForHer is a female enhancer with some active ingredients in its structure. The enhancer has chaste berry, which is expected to benefit women with better sexual wellbeing. It also has European barberry that is widely considered to be a herbal remedy for libido. The particular ingredient is correctly used to treat PMS symptoms, specifical pain in the areas around the vagina and uterus. It helps the organ in lubricating thus avoiding sexual discomfort. Aphrodisiac Damiana is also present in the combination, which aids in the treatment of decreased female libido. It also works as a boost for dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea. Apart from these, there is also black lead graphite that helps in treating those who experience night sweat and pain in the uterus and ovary. The product also has St. Ignatius Bean that benefits those who suffer from mood swings in their sexual performances.

How does it work?

When a woman takes a dose of LibidoForHer, the ingredients are directly absorbed by the blood vessels. The product has a large inclination in similarity with homoeopathic sprays. One will only need to spray under the tongue as per the product instructions. From there on, the product will work on its own. The product identifies the body’s natural response to sexual performances that will continue to increase the degree of satisfaction between the user and her partner. The product has plant-based ingredients as mentioned in the above section.

The manufacturers of LibidoForHer have claimed that due to an expertly designed combination of herbs, which are used as ingredients, women will be relieved from experiencing common discomforts and symptoms, including:

Reduced libidoPainful experience during the performanceMenstrual painExhaustionMood swingsHot flashes Disorder in sexual health.


LibidoForHer has garnered a fair share of positive review for itself from the users in the community. The product is made for those who want to improve their sexual performance levels enormously. The solution is homoeopathic as mentioned earlier and is relatively easy to use. The product contains favourite herbs that can increase the user’s libido. Some of the ingredients also have a clinical recommendation for usage as well. It is yet to connect with any adverse side effects unlike therapy for hormonal replacement. The current characteristics and composition also push the idea successfully that it is safe for long-term use.


Although the ingredients are not toxic which supports it to become a compelling choice, LibidoForHer is still unclear on a clinical certification level. Without any approval from a major medical institution, using the product is risky. Most of the new medical products and enhancers are expected to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration board before sale. Even though LibidoForHer does not show any characteristic or sign that can strengthen the claim that the product does not incur any adverse side effect, no trial or study has been conducted that can suffice the same for long-term usage.


From a medical organizations perspective, we strongly suggest all the consumers not to purchase LibidoForHer because it yet to be approved and certified by medical boards. The product is not entirely examined and analysed as well. It has every possibility to cause significant negative side effects and long-term changes to a human body upon usage.

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