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Why HerSolution May Not Be The Right Solution

Being experts in various sexual problems encountered by women of different ages, we believe that we are competent and qualified to review the product HerSolution which often is talked about as something which could increase libido in ladies and women. We are an organization consisting of some of the best experts, doctors and researchers who have years of experience in reviewing and understanding different types of sexual enhancers which are sought after by thousands of women across the world and cutting across different age groups.

We have looked at many such products from close angles and have studied thoroughly the composition of various sexual enhancer products for women. We are quite capable of understanding the way in which these products work and also the kind of side effects and positive effects they might have. Therefore we are quite sure that our study of the female sex libido enhancing product HerSolution would be an eye opener for all those who believe that it is a wonderful product with some incredible claims of magical results. We are happy to review the product from various angles for the benefit of our readers and also for other women who are on the lookout for ways and means to bring interest and performance back into their sexual lives.

Some Basic Information About The Product

We find that HerSolution is sold as a sexual enhancement bill. The main objective as mentioned above is to help women to improve libido. Though the manufacturers claim that it works on women of all ages, but we are a bit surprised to find that the product is recommended mostly for women around the age of 50 who may be reaching or would be going through the stage of menopause. We, as experienced doctors and sexologists understand that women in the menopause stage have mood swings and other physical changes. This often leads to decrease in desire for sexual activities.

The product in question, we find comprises of different blends of aphrodisiacs and also some substances which might increase the production of estrogen in the body. A close and neutral look at the various ingredients leads us to believe that almost all of them might offer some general relief as mood enhancers and perhaps help in improving vitality and vigor. We have no reasons to believe that HerSolution could offer magical results for treating libido for women across all ages.


This so-called libido enhancer for elderly women is made from a collection of different types of herbs. The manufacturers believe that each of the ingredients could have a positive impact on improving sexual arousal and lubrication. The Product contains Gingko Biloba, Hops, Niacin, Cayenne Pepper, Epimedium Sigitattum and Mucuna Pruriens. Amongst all the above ingredients we have found that only Hops could help in mildly improving estrogen secretion which is so very essential for improving sexual urge which in turn could lead to libido and increase desire to have sex. After careful research we have found out that all other compositions do not have any capacity to significantly increase sexual prowess or interest in sex. We also firmly believe that they will not in any way improve blood flow to the genital areas of the women which is so very important.

Who Can Use It & How Often

Based on our research we feel that the product can be used by women above 45 because that is the age when the desire for sex comes down quite significantly. The recommended dosage is one pill each day but we are a bit disappointed that no maximum time limit has been prescribed for the product HerSolution.

What Are The Benefits

Our research of the various ingredients of the product suggests that it could offer the following benefits:

Niacin could improve levels of energy.Hops extract might prevent vagina dryness and enhance lubrication making penetration easier and satisfying. Gingko Biloba might have some minimal impact of improving blood flow to the sexual organs of women.Epimedium Sagittatum is a known sexual stimulant but our research has shown minimal results. Melatonin could improve youthfulness in frigid and elderly women.

Why It May Not Be Safe To Use This Product

Since the product has to be taken for long periods of time, perhaps even for years, we are concerned about the negative impact it might have. Here are a few side effects which we believe makes this product unsuitable for use.

Low blood pressure is one of the most common side effects which we have found in this product. Further regular consumption of a combination of herbal stimulants could lead to mood swings, reduced appetite, irritability, and could also lead to sudden spike in blood sugar or could also lead to a fall in some cases. Hence, as doctors and medical experts we feel that the product could have a bad effect on some vital signs such as pressure, sugar, pulse beats and even breathing.


In fine, as a team of expert doctors with years of experience in dealing with various types of sexual disabilities and other such problems in women, we are of the opinion that the product HerSolution has more side effects when compared to the positives. Hence, it may not be the answer to fight frigidity and lack of libido in women.

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