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Professional Review of Herbal Quiver

The Herbal supplement Quiver is a sex enhancing supplement that is meant to augment orgasm and improve sex drive for women. The product consists of five active ingredients that are the Kola Nut, Wheat Grass, Gotu Kola, Royal Jelly, and Guarana. The product when used rationally helps women attain optimum sex pleasure. The high caffeine content in Guarana and Kola helps one to be alert and active during the entire sexual intercourse. However, there is the need for more scientific studies and clinical trials to confirm this supposition. The five active ingredients have a synergic effect making the product achieve high efficacy.

Rational Use of Herbal Quiver

The female sex enhancer should be taken on a daily basis by sexually active women but be avoided by pregnant women, hypertensive persons, and those women that have allergies of any of the active ingredients. Just as with any supplement it is safe for those who are planning to use the supplements to seek for advice from their family doctor or any licensed medical practitioner before using the product more so alongside with other medications that they are currently taking. The daily recommended dosage is three tablets and should be maintained at that. Overdosage can lead to difficulty in breathing, hyper reactions and can result in cardiac arrest; hence, caution must be taken to use the supplements as advised.

Neutral and Side Effects of the Supplements

Whereas the supplements can help in attaining an enhanced sex drive, it has several side effects that include insomnia or lack of sleep, anxiety, vomiting, breathing problems, stomach cramps, and tremors. Most of the side and adverse reaction of the supplements are due to high caffeine content in Kola Nuts and trigger of allergic responses by the Royal Jelly. Guarana also due to its high caffeine content can also result in delirium that is over-excitement, restlessness and ecstasy. Other side effects include nausea, triggering of asthmatic attack, suffocation, fatigue, and swelling of the throat.


Due to the composition of this sex stimulant products, it should be used with care or avoided by consumers. The safety margin of the product is low and can result in detrimental effects to frequent users. The claim on absolute safety should be avoided since the ingredients though they have potential negative effects on the users health. It is factual that the supplements contain a high level of caffeine, which is unsafe for most of the people. Consumers should, therefore, avoid buying and using the products as it has the potential to cause adverse reactions that are life-threatening.

The idea behind the production of Herbal Quiver is an exceptional move; however, there is a need for more research to have the product efficacy and safety margin established. Also, there is a need to look into the benefits of combining active ingredients with similar properties and chemical composition. In my expert opinion, there is no need to combine both Kola Nut and Guarana due to a high level of caffeine which is an intoxicating stimulant. This can result in addiction and complicate the health of frequent consumers of the products.

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